How to access xampp from another computer

  1. If you are using windows than all you have to do is to go to Allow an app through <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Windows</a> Firewall.
  2. Click on Allow another app select Apache and mark public and private both.
  3. Again Allow another app this time select xampp and mark both public and private and then click apply and exit .
  4. Open cmd by pressing windows button+r.
  5. Write cmd than in cmd write ipconfig find out your IP.
  6. Open up your browser write down your ip http://192.168.1.x and you will be on the xampp startup page.
  7. If you want to access your local site simply put / infront of your ip
  8. E.g http://192.168.1.x/yousite.
    Now you are able to access your website in private network computers .

Word Press Speed Optimization


Install a cache plugin
Hyper Cache which is great for people on Shared Web Hosting. Hyper Cache is a very lightweight caching option for the average WordPress blog, offering speed without a lot of overhead. For more information on the plugins features, configuration, and support, please visit the Hyper Cache homepage. also minify our css and javascript automatically.

Remove inactive plugin and widgets.
P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) :- It is the best plugin over WordPress plugin directory to check which plugin is creating performance issue on your website. Once you install this plugin and run a test this plugin generate a report that will show you with plugin is slowing your website. You can disable that plugin or install some alternative plugin to fix the speed of your website.

Keep Your WordPress Version Up To Date.
Optimize images
Fortunately, there is an amazing, free plugin called WP-SmushIt which will do this process to all of your images automatically, as you are uploading them. No reason not to install this one.

Optimize your homepage to load quickly
Reduce Number of post in your home page(showing between 5-7 posts). Remove Unnecessary sharing widgets from your home page. Remove unwanted videos from your home page.

Optimize WordPress database
You can simply use the WP-Optimize plugin, which I run on all of my sites. This plugin lets you do just one simple task: optimize the your database (spam, post revisions, drafts, tables, etc.) to reduce their overhead.

I would also recommend the WP-DB Manager plugin, which can schedule dates for database optimization.

Add an expires header to static resources
An Expires header is a way to specify a time far enough in the future so that the clients (browsers) don’t have to re-fetch any static content (such as css file, javascript, images etc).

This way can cut your load time significantly for your regular users.

You need to copy and paste the following code in your root .htaccess file:

ExpiresActive On
ExpiresByType image/gif A2592000
ExpiresByType image/png A2592000
ExpiresByType image/jpg A2592000

How to install wordpress locally :Quick wordpress installation tutorial for beginners

How to install WordPress locally for beginners

In this blog,you will learn how to install wordpress locally for beginners.But,before installing wordpress, I want you to have basic understanding about wordpress.WordPress is the web software which is used to create apps or websites.More than 60 million people have chosen wordpress on web to make their websites and it is free.Moreover,wordpress installation is very quick and takes a less amount of time.Wordpress is like a Content Management System (CMS) but it is more than that. It not only allows us to manage contents but many more like theme customization etc. without even writing single code or without any idea of coding and programming language.So,I have post this wordpress installation tutorial blog for the readers like you so that you can build your own site easily within a limited time.
In this WordPress installation tutorial , I will teach you,how to install wordpress locally as well as in online server.

Easy steps to install WordPress


Some requirements before installing wordpress

1. First of all download wordpress wordpress by clicking the download button as shown just below.

2.Note that wordpress is in compressed file. Now you need to unzip or extract  it into the../ xampp/htdocs/ . After unzipping or extraction is finished for your reliable rename to folder  wordpress to yoursitename or any other name.

Ok!now you have downloaded wordpress.Its time to install wordpress

Installing wordpress locally

3.After downloading wordpress, you need to open up your browser and type localhost/yoursitename and hit enter. Now will see something like this.


4. Now, you are stepping on to make your first website. We are one step closer, now we need to move on. Click on Let’s go!.

5.On next page, simply fill up the form like as below:
Database Name:mysite (Your database name wher>e your site’s data is stored in my case that’s mysite)
Username:root (Since we are on localhost so user name will be root)
Password:(Just leave empty because we are on local host)
Database Host:localhost (Since our host is local)
Table Prfix: wp_ (Your table names starts with this prefix)
After that click on Submit.


6.After that, click on Run Install. On next page, again fill up the form as below and click on Install WordPress.


7.Now just click on next ->next button and at last you will redirected to admin login page and enter your username and password.Congrats! your website is created. You can see it on localhost/mysite/.


8.And you can customize your website from admin page or admin dashboard on localhost/mysite/wp-admin/.


If you didn’t understand the above tutorial ,you can watch this video.


1.Open up your cpanel and on softaculous apps installer section click on wordpress.

2.On next page just fill up the form and click on install.

3.Now your site is created. You can see it browser by inserting your domain name.


4.And admin page or dashboard can be accessed by yourdomain/wp-admin/.


Hope you created your very first website by learning this tutorial. For any query regarding this tutorial you can comment out. I will reply as fast as possible.

Happy Customization!

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