Introduction to Database

1. Database : A collection of data in an organized manner. Data is a piece of information such as text,videos,audios ,numeric, dates,document files etc.Database is a structured system to put your data, ...
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Installation of MySQL,creating database and table.

As we know we store data in database. There are many database .Among them MYSQL, Microsoft Database, Oracle, DB2, etc. are popular and are mostly used by everyone.  MySQL is ...
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Querying data using SELECT and DISTINCT :

Select Clause and overview of clauses: The table consists of rows and columns. Row is called tuple or the instance of table(or entity) and Column is called attribute of table ...
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WHERE clause:

Where clause is used to extract rows from the table based on particular expression or condition. Example: Whenever you write the statement in the database console. At first, program will start from ...
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AND/OR operator:

AND/OR operator is used to combine Boolean expression for filtering data. These operator is used in WHERE clause. 1. AND operator : It is a logical operator that combines two or more Boolean ...
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IN/BETWEEN operator:

1. IN operator: IN operator determine if a specified value matches any one of the list or a sub query. IN operator return 1 if the value of column or the expression ...
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LIKE operator:

It is used to select the data from table based on specific pattern.It is used in WHERE clause of SELECT statement. There are two wild card used in LIKE operator i.e.% ...
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LIMIT clause:

  • LIMIT clause:
This clause is used in SELECT statement to constraint the numbers of rows in the result. . Syntax: SELECT col1, col2, ……. FROM table LIMIT offset, count; Where, offset specifies first row to ...
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The ORDER BY clause allows to, Sort a result set by a single column or multiple columns. Sort a result set by different columns in ascending or descending order.By default, ...
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MySQL alias:

  1. MySQL column alias
The  column names sometimes become  more technical making  the query difficult to understand. For this reason we use column alias. A simple syntax of  column alias is given ...
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MySQL INNER JOIN clause matches rows in one table to rows in other table and allows us to query rows that contains columns from both table. A syntax of MySQL INNER ...
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MySQL Left &Right Join

When we join a table t1 with table t2 using left join , if a row from left table matches row from right table based on join ...
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MySQL self join

A self join is special case of join statement where we join a table to itself. In self join , we must use table alias to identify left table and ...
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MySQL Subquery

MySQL subquery is simply using a query within another query. In MySQL subquery we nest a query (inner query) within another query (outer query) and use the result of the inner ...
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Introducing to MySQL GROUP BY clause

The GROUP BY clause,groups a set of rows into a set of summary rows by values of columns or expressions. The GROUP BY clause returns one row for each group.We ...
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  1. MySQL UNION Operator:
MySQL UNION operator allow to combine two or more result sets from multiple tables into a single result set.   . Syntax: Select  column1, column2 Union [Distinct | all] Select column1, column2 Union ...
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